Friday, October 11, 2013

Back to UP Diliman for an LSD

3AM and parked already at the Bahay ng Alumni
Last September 15, I and my running buddies Ryan, Rom and Marte went to UP Diliman for an LSD. It's probably the LSD which made us survive RUPM last Sunday.

It's been a long time since I've been to my alma mater; I think it was way back 2010 when I joined a race there. After three long years, surprisingly nothing much has changed. UP Diliman is still the same old campus worth spending one's college years on. I'll be forever proud to have been a UPD graduate!

Our LSD plan is a minimum 32km to a maximum of 35km. To the acad oval's 2.2km distance, that's about 14 to 16 loops. Insane right? But we're after distance and not speed. So we'd meet our target even how long it'd take. And what I stressed to my running mates is that this is more of mental training, as succeeding running in multiple loops would mean greater chance of success in a point-to-point race.

32km LSD Survivors, with Oble at the background
After a "taho" break, a return to the car for hydration, a "mais" break, and 15 loops around the acad oval, we survived! 32 kilometers in almost 5 hours! Hahaha!

Rodic's FTW!
And our biggest post-LSD reward? Nothing else but a big breakfast at Rodic's!

UP Diliman, we'll be back soon!

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