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Alaska IronKids: From Couchwarmers to Champions

*** Press Release ***
From Couchwarmers to Champions
Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon encourages more and more Filipino children into adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.
(Photos courtesy of Art Mendoza)

These days, the only exercise children seem to be doing is surfing, the digital kind that is. Instead of playing outside with their friends, today’s children stay indoors, glued to the TV or to videogames. It is no wonder then that 2 out of 10 Filipino children, 10 years old and below, are overweight while 3 of 10 children are undernourished as seen in the results of the 7th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI).

But the inactive landscape is slowly changing in recent years, thanks to pioneering sports programs like the Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon, which has managed to convert a number of kids from couch potatoes to young triathletes who have the passion for the sport. A triathlon is a race that is comprised of three sporting events: swimming, running and biking. It is open to children 6 to 14 years old.

Alaska IronKids Philippines is the country’s very first triathlon event for the youth. Since holding its first race in 2012, the local triathlon series has grown in leaps and bounds, grooming young triathletes that have become the pride of the Philippines in international competitions. Being the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman, Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon has  produced champions, on and out of the podiums— children who are not only committed to winning but also ones who understand that losing is also winning, having learned the values of determination, hard work, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship from their experiences in the race.

A vital component of the Alaska Milk Corporation sports program and presented by Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink, Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon aims to promote among children the importance of good nutrition and active lifestyle in a fun and exciting way that will get them “to go out and play” on their own, no coercion required. It hopes to get them on the path toward an active and healthy lifestyle that does not only involve physical activity but also proper nutrition as well, living up to Alaska’s key message, “Nutrition. Action. Champion.”

Last Sunday (April 13, 2014), Alaska IronKids Philippines held its first triathlon of the year at La Stanza in Marikina. This is the second in the Alaska IronKids Philippines series of races for 2014, which kicked-off with an aquathlon race last February at BF Homes, Parañaque. This year, Alaska IronKids Philippines started a non-competitive, no-age category, dividing each race into three parts: Race; Play, which is non-competitive and has no age categories; and Relay, which is composed of two mix age groups.  The Play category was added to encourage more children to try out the sport and just join the races for the fun of it, without the burden of competition and the pressure of winning.

There will be another aquathlon race in May at Club Manila East and a triathlon in August in Cebu. In October, Alaska Milk will be holding the Alaska IronKids Philippines Family Triathlon, the very first family-oriented triathlon event in the country. It aims to encourage families to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle as well as serve as an avenue for parents and kids to bond and build lasting relationship.

For more information, check out the Alaska IronKids website, and

Thursday, April 10, 2014

DZMM's Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, TAKBO NA on May 4, 2014

Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, TAKBO NA: Edukasyon Tungo sa Pagbangon is Runrio's first 5km Color Run in partnership with DZMM. Coach Rio committed to donate an additional P200,000 to the beneficiary if the target number of participants is met. Join now and help chosen scholars who were victims of typhoon Yolanda, pursue their educational dreams.

WHAT: DZMM Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, Takbo Na
WHEN: May 4, 2014 (Sunday)
WHERE: Bonifacio Global City
RACE BENEFICIARY: Typhoon Yolanda victims
TARGET PARTICIPANTS: 10,000++ registered runners

Online (March 17 to April 20)
- Log on to
- Delivery of race kits will start on March 31
- For online delivery, cost will be charged to runner’s account

In-store (March 24 onwards)
- R.O.X. – Level 2 R.O.X. Bldg. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
- Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila (12nn–8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
- Toby’s SM North EDSA The Block
- ABS-CBN Tulong Center (near Audience Entrance)

Registration Fee and Inclusions
Pre-race inclusions:
- Bib
- Singlet
DZMM Run Singlet Design

Post-race finisher items: 
DZMM Run Finisher Towel
DZMM Run Finisher Cap

- Runners must prepare to get wet and be thrown with color powder
- COLOR POWDER is made of 100% food grade cornstarch + water + food color = all natural and safe
- Runners may bring shades/eyewear/goggles to protect their eyes

Bloggers with Coach Rio during the DZMM Run Launch event at 100 Miles Cafe

Guerilla Race on June 29, 2014

Guerilla Race is the first hardcore obstacle course race in the Philippines. It will test the participants' strength, stamina, mental spirit and resilience. It is all about taking on the obstacles and overcoming them. 

Finish the race... Or die trying!

WHAT: Guerilla Race
WHEN: June 29, 2014 (Sunday)
WHERE: Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
RACE CATEGORY: 10km, 5km, Kids
RACE ORGANIZER: True North Guerilla Race Inc.

Registration Period: Starts on March 28

Registration Fees:
Warrior - P950
Sprint - P800
Kids - P500

Registration Sites:
Chris Sports
- SM Megamall
- SM Mall of Asia
- SM North EDSA Annex
- SM Fairview
- Market Market



Sub-2 Pacer Duty (A Success!) at Run United Leg 1

Aaargh! Another late blog post. Thank God for a non-working holiday, I finally was able to open my blog site again and burn some backlogs. I've been looking forward to sharing my RU1 race experience for quite some time now.

March 13 - Race Kit Claiming:
Much controversy surrounded this year's leg 1 of Run United, with the introduction of prepaid cards as part of the registration process. Well as for me, I did an online registration the very first day registration opened, so I didn't have to go through queuing for the prepaid card purchase. Prepaid cards, especially of the 21km category, was sold out in record time, with a lot of speculations that scalpers hoarded them and selling them at much higher prices. There were some runners who took it against Coach Rio and the organizers of RU1 unfortunately. I think it's quite unfair though, to blame organizers when the intent was good for the prepaid card system - for runners to input their complete registration details at the comfort of their own homes, and for proper tracking of the singlet and finisher shirt demand and supply. Again, runners only have themselves to blame - if no one would support these scalpers, they wouldn't thrive anyway.

Race kit claiming was slated from March 13 to 15 at Mall of Asia. After attending a shoe launch at Glorietta, I was accompanied to MoA by Run Adobo King CJ and Speedy Titan Rolly. What greeted us was a very, very long line. With thousands of registrants, I kinda expected this. Fortunate for us though, fellow runner Syril was already in queue and he offered getting our confirmation slips so he could claim our kits together with his. Such luck!

Selfie with the snake-like lines at the background
Runner Newbie Wannabe Photo - presenting the 21k race map! Lol!
Finally getting our kits after the long wait
Race kit! I'm runner #8667!
March 16 - Race Day:
With my crazy Team Banana teammates' idea to wear a uniform on race day, I borrowed a Team Ninoy cycling shirt from Boss Raphie a couple of days before the race. I was not sure if the top will be a comfortable fit, but I borrowed it anyway. RU1 will be sort of a newbie-type race - me wearing a lot of new running gear - my new Garmin FR220, new Asics Kayano 20 shoes, new 2XU 3/4 compressions tights, and a newly-borrowed top! Haha!

I was at the venue early, so as not to get stressed with parking, and one by one, my teammates arrived. Such fun seeing us donning the yellow shirt (as yellow as a banana could be), and of course we wouldn't miss to grab some photos before heading to the race assembly area.

From L-R: Mark Runner, Beck Runner, Ikasam, Chef Lloyd, Mervin, Prof Syril, me
We were way at the back of the pack in the 21k assembly area, and found out runners will be released in two waves (obviously we were in Wave 2).

Photo courtesy of Tong Pascua. Team Yellow!
Initial discussion that we had, we will run together with a target sub-2, but will be grouped in pairs - Wyatt and Ikasam, Syril and Lloyd, me and Becky. Imagine 6 runners running as a group until finish line.

However all that changed as the race started. With the sheer number of runners, we were zigzagging our way to overtake runners left and right. It was energy-consuming and you could easily lose the person you are running with. I stuck with the plan of pacing Becky though, even when Syril and Wyatt sped off to do their normal race pace. I can sense Becky is on peak condition and will grab the sub-2 target.

Run United 1 2014 21k race route
I tried my best to be a strict pacer, watching Becky's running form, reminding him not to shout back to runners greeting him along the way, pushing him to lessen his walk breaks at hydration stations and asking him just to take sips instead of consuming entire cups of water and Gatorade. He also keeps on looking at his own GPS watch, something I don't approve, as I want to remove the pressure from him by being the one to monitor our run time. At the race mid-point, we were very much on track with our target, with some buffer to relax.
Thanks Sir Art Mendoza for this shot at one of the Gatorade hydration stations
As the final 3 kilometers approached, it became tougher as we were running with runners from all categories. There were a lot of walkers and selfie runners who just can't follow basic running etiquette. It was like the start of the race all over again as we zigzagged our way to the final stretch. At the last hydration station, I asked Becky if he wants to stop and he answered no. We sped off and reached the final U-turn point on the way to the finish line.

It was a photo finish - we clocked in with a chip time of 1 hour, 59 minutes and 52 seconds. My sub-2 pacer duty is a success! Great job to Becky for keeping up with the pace!

Almost at the finish! Photo courtesy of I Love to do this
After the race, of course it's time to hang out and meet fellow runners and finishers at the race village.

With the Runner Mamaws - Ralph, Mervin, Ikasam, Wyatt, Syril, JP, Cholo, Pat, Archie (Photo courtesy of JP)
With Syril, Rolly, Vincent, Ryan and JP (Photo courtesy of JP)
So sad we didn't have a complete group shot. Team Banana in all our yellow glory - Becky, Ikasam, Wyatt, Syril, Lloyd, Mervin. Missing Team Banana Members in RU1: Raphie, Goldi, Mark Mark
Breakfast time with Ryan, Hazielle, Rolly, Joey, Jake and Flip at Mang Inasal
A couple of days after, race results were released. I'm a bit disappointed though that they only released ranking based on gun time. I'm not really sure how difficult it is to generate another set of results based on chip time, which is only fair for a race with waves.

Well, I just generated one on my own using my MS Excel skills. Haha! So it turned out my 506th ranking in gun time is way lower than my chip time ranking which is 379th! Out of 4717 21k finishers, that's really something.

I can't wait for leg 2 this coming June 1! It's another Afroman distance to conquer! Congratulations and thanks to Unilab Active Health and Runrio for helping us runners again to exceed ourselves!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PDIC's Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte on May 4, 2014

Why join the “Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte” benefit run? You get to do some much-needed exercise, appreciate wellness, have fun with your family and friends, lead and live a healthy lifestyle, and help rebuild the communities hit by typhoon Yolanda in Leyte.

WHAT: PDIC's Takbo Para sa Pagbangon ng Leyte
WHEN: May 4, 2014 (Sunday)
WHERE: PNB Financial Center, Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City
RACE CATEGORIES: 3km, 5km, 10km

Assembly Time: 5:00 AM
Gun Start:
3km - 5:50 AM
5km - 5:40 AM
10km - 5:30 AM

3km - P400
5km - P400
10km - P600

1. Register and pay online at (17 March 2014 – 21 April 2014)
Race Kit will be delivered to your preferred address
2. Register and pay at the PDIC Office (17 March 2014 – 28 April 2014)
Race Kit will be given immediately upon registration
3. Register and pay at Toby’s Mall of Asia and Toby’s SM North (17 March 2014 – 28 April 2014)
Race Kit will be given immediately upon registration
4. Register and pay at the R.O.X. Bonifacio Global City (17 March 2014 – 28 April 2014)
Race Kit will be given immediately upon registration

Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte Singlet Design
Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte Race Route for 3km, 5km and 10km

Aspiring Champions at Alaska's Junior NBA and WNBA

*** Press Release ***
“Aspiring Champions gain a step closer to their dreams with JR.NBA / JR.WNBA presented by Alaska”

The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) study revealed that obesity, which can lead to serious heart problems and diabetes at a young age is becoming one of the most prevalent nutritional problems of Filipino children and adults. 

Given these growing issues on health, Alaska continues their partnership with Jr. NBA this year to nurture young boys, and girls, become better individuals and encourage them to embrace a healthy lifestyle not just by drinking milk but also by leading an active lifestyle through sports.

400 young girls and boys showcased their basketball skills during the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska in Iloilo last Mar. 15 & 16.
The 2014 Jr.NBA presented by Alaska, the international youth development program of the NBA, formally launched last January 18. School clinics were conducted allowing aspiring champions in the country to be part of NBA’s international youth development program. Young girls were given the same trainings and opportunities as Jr. NBA participants because in these modern times, girls are just as interested in sports, especially basketball, as the boys.  Led by some of the best local basketball coaches, like Jojo Lastimosa, PBA legend and Alaska Head of Basketball Operations,  together with the NBA coaches led by Sefu Bernard in travelling all over the country to conduct school clinics for coaches and players.

Our aspiring champions will again undergo series of trainings at the Regional Selection Camp (RSC) in Surigao, Iloilo, Cebu, Dagupan, Palawan and Manila. The RSC is where the best of the best players in key cities will be selected and asked to participate in the third and climactic part of the program – the National Training Camp (NTC).

The 10 young boys and 5 young girls of Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska All-Star Philippine Team will be chosen at the end of the NTC. These young champions will then be given the ultimate NBA experience by getting the chance to watch a live NBA game and meet the NBA players. Last year, the Jr. NBA All-Star Philippine team watched a Los Angeles Lakers home game against the Memphis Grizzlies at the Staples Center and met NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

6 boys and 3 girls were the top pick to join the National Training Camp in Manila on April.
The Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA presented by Alaska, is just one of Alaska’s Sports Development Program that inspires children to become future champions through teaching them skills to play the game while incorporating the values of determination, hard work, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.

Become a champion too and join Alaska’s sports programs now!

Come out and play!


For more information on Jr. NBA Philippines visit; Alaska Basketball Power Camp visit: and for live Twitter updates, follow: @ALASKAsportshub.