Thursday, November 22, 2012

Condura Skyway Marathon Registration As Easy As 1-2-3

Last November 16, I hurried to the CSM2013 registration center in Greenbelt 3. There were quite a number of early bird registrants. I finally decided to register for the 21k category (after contemplating if I'd do 21k or 42k). The registration process was fast, and the attendants were friendly and accommodating. (Race details are on this link.)

Greenbelt 3 Registration Center (in front of Asics store)
CSM2013 Race Voucher
- Select if you're going to use a voucher or if you're going to pay in cash
- Input your registration details
- Print your registration form

Step 1: Registration Counter
Registration Form Print-out

- Hand your registration form to the attendant
- Sign the waiver form
- Pay the registration fee or give the race voucher to the attendant
- Receive the shirt claim stub from the attendant 

Step 2: Cashier

- Hand the shirt claim stub to the attendant
- Choose your shirt size
- Receive your race kit
Step 3: Shirt Claim
It's as easy as 1-2-3! I finished the registration process in less than 10 minutes!

Race Kit Contents - I love the D-Tag!
21k Wave A Runner with Bib# 40111 will see you on February 3, 2013! :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Runrio's Sin Tax Run on December 16, 2012

Race kits for this race are selling like hotcakes! Runrio is giving back to the running community by organizing an event with the most affordable registration fee - 16 pesos only!

WHAT: Sin Tax Run
WHEN: December 16, 2012 (Sunday) 5:45am Gunstart
WHERE: Mall of Asia

REGISTRATION PERIOD: November 19 to December 14 (but could end earlier if slots run out)
- Riovana BGC
- Riovana Katipunan
- Toby's SM Mall of Asia
- Toby's SM North (The Block)

Race Inclusions
Race Bib
Finisher Item: Race Visor
Big cash prizes await the race winners! What more can you ask for in a 16-peso race event?
Winner Prizes
- 16 years that the current system has been in place
- 16 years of the tobacco industry underpaying excise taxes
- 16 years of too low cigarette prices leading the children and the poor easy entry into cigarette smoking

I might volunteer as a race marshal on this event so see you there!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Condura Skyway Marathon on February 3, 2013

You only get to run in the Skyway once a year, so don't miss this opportunity! I ran my first half marathon in Condura Skyway Marathon 2010, and it's still one of my most memorable running events.

WHAT: Condura Skyway Marathon 2013
WHEN: February 3, 2013 (Sunday)
WHERE: Filinvest, Alabang / Skyway
RACE CATEGORIES: 3.8k / 6k / 10k / 21k / 42.195k
- Kabasalan, Zamboanga de Sibugay Planting Site
- Hero Foundation
- Bikes for the Philippines
- icanserve Foundation Inc
- Liter of Light

REGISTRATION PERIOD: November 15 to December 23, 2012
ONSITE REGISTRATION SITE: Asics Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati

Race Registration Fees and Race Inclusions
Other Race Freebies
Assembly and Gun Times
Race Shirt for all categories (design by Team Manila)
Finisher Medals
ASICS Promo:
Buy a pair of Asics running shoes (worth 5500php) and register in any race distance for FREE! (Terms & Conditions apply. Participating Asics outlets: Greenbelt 3, Solenad Nuvali and

ASICS Run for Free Promo
Winner Prizes:



3.8k / 6k / 10k Race Route
21k Race Route
42.195k Race Route

The premier marathon event in the country, the Condura Skyway Marathon, Run for the Mangroves 2013 goes to the starting line on February 3, 2013 in Filinvest City,  Alabang. It will be the curtain-raiser for the new running year of 2013 - perfect timing for those who are serious in getting back to form after the long series of holidays and merry-making and for those who finally would like to get off that couch and find the fun and fulfilment in running.

Organized by Condura Skyway Marathon’s Founder and Chief Organizing Officer, Ton Concepcion and its running ambassador Patrick Concepcion,  the sixth edition of this much-anticipated yearly race event by runners for runners once again is out to prove that it is worthy of its bid to be the premier running event in Asia Pacific. 

This year, the race will have the usual 10k, 21k and full 42k marathon categories plus the new 3.8k, 6k which are especially meant for the fun and adventurous runners who are not yet ready to take on the mid to long distance-races. 

By the first hour of February 3, 2013, the Condura Skyway Marathon will again make the Skyway as the runners’ playground.  Originating from the Filinvest City in Alabang, runners of all distances will be taken to the Skyway as a major part of their race route – a major attraction that promises runners of an exclusive, traffic-free, clean and well-lit race environment. 

Apart from the challenge and fun that this race has in-store for runners, participating in this race will also mean taking part in the Condura Skyway Marathon advocacy of helping with the reforestation of the Mangroves in Zamboanga de Sibugay in partnership with Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) . Each runner through their registration, will get to donate three mangrove seedlings which will be planted in his/her name. In 2012, the first year that Condura Skyway Marathon adopted the mangroves reforestation project to its cause, a total of 39,000 seedlings have already been planted in Kabasalan Town through runners’ donation.

A very special treat also awaits interested Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 participants!  Get a chance to register for FREE to any race category upon buying a pair of an ASICS running shoes. 

Registration to the race is from November 15 to December 23, 2012 at the Asics Registration Center in Greenbelt 3 Ayala Mall in Makati City. Each participant will receive, as part of the registration, an “I RAN FOR THE MANGROVES” quick-dry shirt designed for the event by Team Manila.

Whether a participant is a newbie or a seasoned runner, completing their chosen distance makes them an absolute winner  since each runner will receive a cool Finisher’s Medal whichever distance they have completed! For full marathon finishers, an “I CONQUERED THE SKYWAY” finisher’s shirt exclusively designed by Team Manila will also be given to them.

The Condura Skyway Marathon, Run for the Mangroves 2013 is presented by co-title sponsor Skyway, sports apparel and shoe sponsor Asics, hydration sponsor 100 Plus and venue sponsor Filinvest City. It is backed by Zalora. For more information on the race and its advocacy visit the official website or the official Facebook page

About the Condura Skyway Marathon
The Condura Skyway Marathon is an annual running event open to amateur and professional runners. From its simple beginnings in 2007 as a short-distance Condura Run race event in Metro Manila, the Condura Skyway Marathon has grown to be one of the biggest, premier running event in the country attracting more than ten thousand runners across the country who are interested to have a Skyway running experience. 


Saturday, November 10, 2012

RUPM: Marathon #5

As I write this blog post (which is almost two weeks after RUPM), I'm still recovering from a race injury. A nightmare which materialized two years ago during the NatGeo Run - a bad case of ankle sprain (left ankle) and has now recurred. This time, it's my other ankle. I was limping for a good number of days, with occasional swelling. The big difference today though is that I already know what to do (a good mefanamic dose, ice, hot compress, elevation). However, I don't have the liberty to rest a lot since there's still work, so times when I have to go to the office and drive, that's when my right ankle gets stressed and swells again.

I'm also undergoing PT sessions at Philippine Orthopedic Institute, which is now speeding up my recovery. However, it's another hiatus for me as far as running is concerned; I'll probably be back training on December, provided my ankle cooperates and recuperates quickly.

After a very busy race schedule for the past months, October 28 came just like that. It was marathon #5 for me (my 2nd full marathon in the Philippines). I just could not afford to miss this pilot full marathon event of Unilab, which I knew would be something big. Announcements were made on how 42k runners will be pampered, with surprises on the finish line.

RUPM 42k Race Route - running in C5 was the best part for me!
I was to pace with my friend and fellow blogger Rolly (Speedy Titan). I told him we will attempt to do a constant 6 min per kilometer pace, which translates to about 4:15 target finish. His only aim is for him to get a new PR, beating his Condura record of 5:14.

Starting the race was rough, as Rolly was not following the agreed pace; he was doing a 5:30 and I am forced to follow his lead, which I knew would affect my performance at the latter part of the race. He had his earphones on and I was shouting whenever he's speeding up too much. I was already anticipating a disastrous result, at least for me. My mindset is that I would be the pacer, not the one to be paced.

The race progressed, and I particularly enjoyed the new part of the race route at C5 (2 lanes allocated for runners and 1 lane for vehicles at the southbound part of C5). And then it was time for the dreaded uphill from Heritage all the way back to BGC via Lawton Avenue.

At KM21, halfway point, I was feeling something wrong with my right ankle. I was shrugging it off though, and I thought I just had to make some adjustments on my foot strikes. I was now consciously trying to do mid-foot strikes, as heel strike would worsen my ankle's condition. At KM25, I even registered a PR for that distance (2:34 versus my 2:36 PR).

Flyover along Roxas boulevard - heading to Luneta
We definitely slowed down our pace on the 2nd half; Rolly was complaining about side stitches and I was already complaining about the pain on my right ankle. There are already times Rolly would go ahead and I'll just catch up with him on the next hydration station.

At KM35, Rolly left me and went on his own. Probably the biggest disappointment for me is that he didn't even inform me - he just went ahead without even looking back. The pain on my ankle was now becoming unbearable, and at the time I most needed company to push me to move on is the time I was left alone.

Runners are now beginning to feel the heat. Since I'm just on my own now, I took a break and bought 'taho' at the Luneta area (saw some runners giving me the look while I'm taking a break at the sidewalk). I walked until KM39, at a slow 11 minute per kilometer pace. I was giving up but I knew there's no way I'll DNF by getting this far on the race.

At KM40, I picked it up a bit. I could still do a sub-5 based on my calculations. The thought of finishing and getting that humongous medal made me forget the pain on my right ankle. I was back on 7 min/km pace.

Almost at the finish line!
I finished the race at the official chip time of 4:55:36.  My PR last Hongkong Marathon is 4:55:22. I missed beating my PR by a few seconds. But I'll take it, and just remember the things I have learned from this race.

That medal!
Horrendous positive split performance!
Runpix Analysis - I don't want to go to the details of this anymore. Bottomline, it sucks! LOL!
Next time I ask someone to pace with me on a full marathon, I'll make sure that runner has a heart to run with me until the finish line. 

Congratulations to Runrio and Unilab Active Health for another great race! Thank you for spreading health awareness through running. 2013 will only bring better race events.

Now back to recovering... 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

McHappy Day Fun Run on December 2, 2012

WHAT: McHappy Day Fun Run 2012
WHEN: December 2, 2012 (Sunday)
WHERE: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
RACE CATEGORIES: 1k / 3k Children / 3k Family / 5k / 10k
RACE BENEFICIARY: Bright Minds Read program

Race Categories
3k Family Run:
Participants of the family run should be composed of four (4) members: 2 adults (13 years old and up) and 2 kids (6-12 years old).
The family is invited/encouraged to be in a costume.
Total family time will be calculated.
3k and 5k Individual Categories:
Individual participants for the 3K and 5K are encouraged to be in their best head-dress for the hat parade.
1k Run:
Kid participants for the 1K dash are also encouraged to jazz up their bib.

There will be aid stations in the race course but all runners are encouraged to be self-sufficient regarding hydration and nutrition.

There will be podium finishers for all categories.

Age requirements
- Age of child should be his/her age on the race day.
- Individual participants of 10K must be at least 15 years old on race day.
- Participants under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form.

ONLINE: October 17 to November 23 at

Oct.22-Nov. 28 at the following:
- RUNNR Bonifacio HIgh Street
- McDonald's Katipunan
- McDonald's Forbestown
- McDonald's Greenbelt
- McDonald's Greenhills
Nov. 15- Nov. 28 at the following:
- McDonald's Eastwood
- McDonald's Lucky Chinatown
- McDonald's New Port

Race Registration Fees
Race Gun Times
Registration Fee Inclusions:
McHappy Day Fun Run Race Kit:
- 1 Race Bib (4 Bibs per Race Kit for 3K Family Category)
- McHappy Day Reminders with Route Map, Parking and Activity Area
- Meal Stub: Food can only be claimed and distributed at venue on the race day itself (6am onwards) and NOT in any McDonald’s Store
- Baggage Stub
- Singlet
- McMoney for Fair Activities

NOTE: Incomplete Application Forms and/or unsigned waivers will not be accepted or considered registered to participate in the race. McDonald’s reserves the right to prevent a participant from actually participating in the race as it may deem necessary.

McHappy Fun Run Race Shirt


What makes this event different from last year?
Breakfast  will be given after the race. There will be fun pit stops during the race and celebrities will join too. What’s great about this event is that you can run with your desired costumes or headdress for the costume  and headdress contest. Costumes must be related to each other (e.g. Goldilocks and 3 bears) while for 3k and 5k is the headdress parade. There will be prizes for those who’ll grab Best in Costumes and Best in Headdress. Ronald  Mcdonald will join the kids as they run. And lastly, there will be Mcmoneys which will be used as your ticket for all the games, activities and photobooth available at the Piazza.

Are there any fun activities after the event? What are these?
Yes. We have Face painting, Glitter Tattoo, Balloon Twisting, Arcade games like basketball, Bowling. We also have food stalls and photobooth for that picture perfect moment.

Will there be baggage counters? 
Yes. It will be located at the parking lot in-line with the changing tents. 

Will there be changing tents?
Yes. It will be located at the parking lot in-line with the baggage counter.

Why is it expensive?
It is Mcdonalds advocacy to help less fortunate children learn how to read. A percentage of your registration fee will be allotted for the Bright Minds Read program which will then educate the children how to read. Plus, a lot of freebies will be given away. There will be free breakfast and a lot more.  

Do senior citizens get a discount?
No, the McHappy day is a fund raising activity for its flagship program Bright Mind Reads. It is not covered by the goods against which a Senior Citizen may apply the 20% discount.

For the family run, should we be related to each other? Or can a group of friends be considered to join?
Whether you are related or not, you can form a group of 4 members to join 3k family run. Don’t forget to wear your best costumes for the event as this will entitle you to get a chance to win a prize.

For inquiries, email:

ULTRAlympics 2012 on November 30

WHAT: 2nd Michelle Estuar’s FUNd Racing dubbed as ULTRAlympics 2012
WHEN: November 30, 2012 (Friday)
WHERE: PhilSports Area (ULTRA) Track and Field
RACE CATEGORIES: 400m dash for kids, 3km, 8km, 16km, Titan Circuit Team Challenge

Online Registration: Oct. 8 – Nov. 16, 2012 visit
Race Kit Claiming Dates: Nov. 17,18, 23-25
Race Kit Claiming Sites:
- A Runner’s Circle Manila
- Skechers Trinoma
- Skechers Filinvest Mall Alabang
- R.O.X. BGC

Minimum Donation per Runner: 100 Pesos (all categories). Add P100 to your donation, and you get an exclusive ULTRA-Athlete event shirt to be claimed on Nov. 30, upon finishing.
Promo: Register as a group of 10 for the same category and get 1 FREE bib (except for the TITAN Circuit Team Challenge)

Race Assembly Time and Gun Time
Ti•tan  (ttn)
a person of exceptional importance and reputation, having phenomenal strength, size, or achievement

The TITAN CIRCUIT TEAM CHALLENGE is an original, ultra-modern test of physical fitness.  A pet project of Coach Michelle and Team Titans, this tests  the basic components or health-related skills of Physical Fitness, namely:
1.       Cardiovascular Endurance
2.       Muscular Endurance
3.       Strength
4.       Flexibility or Agility
5.       Body Composition

Objectives of the TCTC: 
- To be a TITAN, one must be SUPERIOR in the 5 Basic components of Physical Fitness.
- To be SUPERIOR in all components means to be EXCELLENT in any activity or sport, including running.
- The Team that performs the best in any given task will be declared the CHAMPION.

Brief description:          
A group or team, composed of ten (10) members, must pass thru as many stations as they can in a given time. There will be 8-10 stations. Each station will require teams to accomplish and properly execute a TASK. Each task will measure a certain skill/s and will be executed by the team based on either:
1. TIME & REPETITION - Given X time, do as many repetitions as possible.
2. TIME TRIAL - Each member has to perform and accomplish the task on his own, before allowing the next member to perform the same task.

Each team will be given points based on their performance. Points for each task will be added one the time has elapsed. The team with the highest total score will be declared as the CHAMPION.

- Registration is primarily online ( .
- Claiming of Kits (Bib) and payment of donation will be on the following dates: Nov. 17,18, 23-25 at the chosen claiming site from the online registration : A Runner’s Circle Manila, Skechers Trinoma, Skechers Filinvest Alabang, R.O.X. BGC
- Race Guidelines (parking, baggage claiming, etc.) will be provided upon claiming of kits.

For Registration Inquiries:
Globe – 0917 8041936
Sun – 0922 8940669