Saturday, November 10, 2012

RUPM: Marathon #5

As I write this blog post (which is almost two weeks after RUPM), I'm still recovering from a race injury. A nightmare which materialized two years ago during the NatGeo Run - a bad case of ankle sprain (left ankle) and has now recurred. This time, it's my other ankle. I was limping for a good number of days, with occasional swelling. The big difference today though is that I already know what to do (a good mefanamic dose, ice, hot compress, elevation). However, I don't have the liberty to rest a lot since there's still work, so times when I have to go to the office and drive, that's when my right ankle gets stressed and swells again.

I'm also undergoing PT sessions at Philippine Orthopedic Institute, which is now speeding up my recovery. However, it's another hiatus for me as far as running is concerned; I'll probably be back training on December, provided my ankle cooperates and recuperates quickly.

After a very busy race schedule for the past months, October 28 came just like that. It was marathon #5 for me (my 2nd full marathon in the Philippines). I just could not afford to miss this pilot full marathon event of Unilab, which I knew would be something big. Announcements were made on how 42k runners will be pampered, with surprises on the finish line.

RUPM 42k Race Route - running in C5 was the best part for me!
I was to pace with my friend and fellow blogger Rolly (Speedy Titan). I told him we will attempt to do a constant 6 min per kilometer pace, which translates to about 4:15 target finish. His only aim is for him to get a new PR, beating his Condura record of 5:14.

Starting the race was rough, as Rolly was not following the agreed pace; he was doing a 5:30 and I am forced to follow his lead, which I knew would affect my performance at the latter part of the race. He had his earphones on and I was shouting whenever he's speeding up too much. I was already anticipating a disastrous result, at least for me. My mindset is that I would be the pacer, not the one to be paced.

The race progressed, and I particularly enjoyed the new part of the race route at C5 (2 lanes allocated for runners and 1 lane for vehicles at the southbound part of C5). And then it was time for the dreaded uphill from Heritage all the way back to BGC via Lawton Avenue.

At KM21, halfway point, I was feeling something wrong with my right ankle. I was shrugging it off though, and I thought I just had to make some adjustments on my foot strikes. I was now consciously trying to do mid-foot strikes, as heel strike would worsen my ankle's condition. At KM25, I even registered a PR for that distance (2:34 versus my 2:36 PR).

Flyover along Roxas boulevard - heading to Luneta
We definitely slowed down our pace on the 2nd half; Rolly was complaining about side stitches and I was already complaining about the pain on my right ankle. There are already times Rolly would go ahead and I'll just catch up with him on the next hydration station.

At KM35, Rolly left me and went on his own. Probably the biggest disappointment for me is that he didn't even inform me - he just went ahead without even looking back. The pain on my ankle was now becoming unbearable, and at the time I most needed company to push me to move on is the time I was left alone.

Runners are now beginning to feel the heat. Since I'm just on my own now, I took a break and bought 'taho' at the Luneta area (saw some runners giving me the look while I'm taking a break at the sidewalk). I walked until KM39, at a slow 11 minute per kilometer pace. I was giving up but I knew there's no way I'll DNF by getting this far on the race.

At KM40, I picked it up a bit. I could still do a sub-5 based on my calculations. The thought of finishing and getting that humongous medal made me forget the pain on my right ankle. I was back on 7 min/km pace.

Almost at the finish line!
I finished the race at the official chip time of 4:55:36.  My PR last Hongkong Marathon is 4:55:22. I missed beating my PR by a few seconds. But I'll take it, and just remember the things I have learned from this race.

That medal!
Horrendous positive split performance!
Runpix Analysis - I don't want to go to the details of this anymore. Bottomline, it sucks! LOL!
Next time I ask someone to pace with me on a full marathon, I'll make sure that runner has a heart to run with me until the finish line. 

Congratulations to Runrio and Unilab Active Health for another great race! Thank you for spreading health awareness through running. 2013 will only bring better race events.

Now back to recovering... 


  1. Sana mabasa to ni speedy titan! haha

    1. asa pang magbabasa un! haha! i've written what i wanted to say so ok na ako. move on na. :)

  2. So... Kasalanan pala ito ni Rolly!!!

    1. wala syang kasalanan, Thirdy! my reaction of disappointment is purely on me. :)