Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rexona Run 2012: I Got Keychain!

Just a week after my Afroman distance run at RU3, it's now time for another 21k run at Rexona Run 2012. This year's edition challenges runners to DEFY, SURPASS and OUTRUN themselves, by giving runners a special token if they do a sub-2 21k or a sub-30 5k.

Another promising addition to this year's race is having pacers for varying finish time targets, to push runners to their limits. The day before the race, I was seriously contemplating if I'm going to target a new 21k PR (meaning I have to join the sub 1:50 pacer, Mark Terrado) or just join my running teammate from Team Alpha 1 FFS, who's doing a sub-1:55 pace. I chose the latter, which I eventually regretted, as it required a 5:14 min/km pace. I only managed to follow this fast pace until KM6; I was too burnt-out.

The Rexona 21k race map
I slowed down and did my normal pace, but I was having irritating thoughts of doing a DNF. I shrugged them off. Calculating my new pace, I knew FFS will catch up with me within the final 7 kilometers of the race (I'd at least manage to finish sub-1:55 if I could just sustain his pace). I tried to follow his lead when he passed by in the long stretch of Macapagal, at least for a kilometer or two. I needed to walk on hydration stations as I was splashing myself with water to cool me down. And with that, I was again left by another pacer.

Thanks Running Photographers for this pic!
At the final 2 kilometers, I saw a familiar runner - my friend from Team Titans Rolly. I handed him ice cubes I got from the last hydration station (holding on to ice cubes while running has a mental effect on my running performance, btw) and we paced until the finish line.

Speedy Titan and me
We clocked in at 1 hour, 57 minutes and 24 seconds - a 21k PR for Rolly and my fastest 21k this 2012! I joined the Team Titans group stretching at the Mall of Asia grounds.

21k finishers
Some race observations:
+ I liked the race route - it's perfect to do a sub-2 on it.
+ Overflowing hydration - water, Powerade. There were hydration stations with mini-water bottles. They were easy to carry while running.
+ Lots of sponges.
+ Lots of bananas.
+ Large trash bins for hydration cups
+ Minimal runner congestion and merging of different categories. I felt like most of the time I was running just with 21k runners.
+ Great-looking finisher medal!
+ Everyone's happy with the (grocery) loot bag!
- The only improvement area in my opinion is on the pacers. They were literally invisible with the shirts that were provided for them. It would have been better if they have different colored shirts which stood out from the sea of blue runners. Or at least a balloon (which is used even for international races).

Photo with my runner idol - Sir Patrick "Runningshield" Concepcion
OFFICIAL RACE RESULTS: Chip time at 1:57:20. I ranked 217th out of 2810 21k Runners (Top 7.7%). WOOT!

Fastest KM: KM4 at 5:06 / Slowest KM: KM11 at 5:56
Finishing sub-2, I got the special token! I got keychain! 

21k medal and my special token
Another well-organized race from Rexona and Runrio! I wonder what the next challenge will be on Rexona Run 2013.


  1. iskemberlu! napaka friendly talaga ni Speedy Titan! Sana next time ako naman ang samahan nyang tumakbo! Charaught! Wait... ipakilala mo naman ako sakanya ha!

    1. di ka kase nagpaparamdam sa mga launch! paano kita mapapakilala? haha!

    2. Ulikblog Runner kailan kita pwedeng samahan tumakbo?