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Active Health Runner's Summit: Back to the Core Basics

Finally back to blogging! I've been so busy lately due to HP Run 2013 organizing duties (expect a blog on this soon!) that I failed to blog about recent running-related activities. Of course I always find time to catch up, and my attendance at the first ever Runner's Summit is something I wouldn't miss writing about.

I've been one of the lucky bloggers invited on the media launch of one of this year's most unique offering to seasoned runners (and budding runners alike) - the Unilab Active Health Runner's Summit. It was exciting to be part of something new and promising - meeting with fellow running enthusiasts on a venue wherein we could all learn together and revisit the core basics of our favorite sport.

The event happened last August 17, a Saturday, at the Bayanihan Center at Mandaluyong City. Working on mid-shift, I ensured I adjusted my work hours a bit so that I could get ample rest and wake up early Saturday morning. I met up with fellow blogger friends CJ (Run Adobo King) and Thirdy at Glorietta, Makati (where I parked my car) and rode a cab together to the venue.

I've never been to Bayanihan Center before but upon getting there, I was awed at the grand set-up of the event. This was a sure precursor of things to come, and I'm sure we're all in for a treat!

Quick and hassle-free registration. They even had rebates for those who purchased Enervon Activ!
Sponsor booths (with some even having fun activities and generous freebies)
The official Active Health Runner's Summit shirt available for purchase
Active Health Runner's Summit shirt - I was hoping it came in black too.
We didn't miss the opportunity of having our photo taken at the photo wall, before entering the function hall.

With fellow bloggers, CJ, Rolly, Thirdy, Ibet and Mommy Vimz
The function hall setup is as warm and welcoming as the set-up outside. Honestly, I was expecting it to be more of  "classroom-type setup" rather than sitting on round tables. The venue was setup to trigger sound discussions with people you are sitting with. We're lucky to have our table way in front.

The large screen and stage
A view from the back as participants start to settle in
Unlimited Carbtrim for everyone! Woah!
Buffet table - breakfast, lunch and merienda were served!
What a hearty breakfast! (photo courtesy of Art Mendoza)
The schedule of the activities for the day we're released early on - with the morning session allocated to "Runner's Machine", and the afternoon session for "Runner's Fuel" and the most awaited motivational "Beyond Running" talks.

Active Health Runner's Summit schedule of activities
Sir Boy Ramos was as usual his best running host self - inserting humor to keep everyone's energy going. He introduced the first one on stage to give runners a view of what's in store for the whole day - ULAH's very own Lester Castillo. 

Sir Lester Castillo welcoming everyone to the first ever Runner's Summit
After the warm welcome, Sir Boy introduced the speakers for Runner's Fuel - the coaches from UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences - Reil Espino, Kris Agarao and Saul Sibayan.

UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences for Runner's Fuel
Coach Reil was up first, and he didn't waste time just keeping everyone sitting down on their respective tables. He called for a few volunteers to demonstrate in front of everyone what proper stretching and warm-up activities are, which for me is one of the highlights of the event. Blogger friends Allan (Running Free Manila) and Rikki (Cheapanggang Diva) were of course as ready to show everyone how it's done.

Lunges! Purple RFM and Orange CD! Look at their form!
A number of participants taking a video of the demonstration which would really come in handy on race day!
Everyone was asked to stand up and do a little warm-up ourselves!
Rolly, Rikki and I doing the moves! Haha!
We wouldn't let the day pass without having our photo taken with Coach Reil. Great session, coach!
Before lunch break, VIP guests arrived - the PBA legends Alvin Patrimonio, Benjie Paras and Ronnie Magsanoc! They were there to welcome all participants on behalf of Alaxan FR. Everyone was starstruck to see their PBA idols on stage. We also had an opportunity to have a photo taken with them.

The PBA Legends - Patrimonio, Paras and Magsanoc
I thought I'm already tall! Looking like a hobbit beside The Two Towers. Haha!
Group shot with the bloggers (photo courtesy of ULAH FB page)
The Bull Runner Jaymie Pizarro was also there to grace everyone with her ever-smiling presence, with a special meet-and-greet at the photo wall just before the afternoon session started.

The last photo I had with Jaymie was way back 2010 at the Neutrogena Run! Is she even aging? Haha!
Love being a blogger! 
After a buffet lunch, making everyone's tummy full, the afternoon's "Runner's Fuel" kicked off. Jeaneth Aro of Nutrifit Philippines was tasked to present an interesting topic - nutrition basics. I was particularly interested on this as I continue to try incorporating a healthy diet myself. As I heard terms like mono-saccharides and di-saccharides I had this nostalgic feeling of being back to school as scientific terms were mentioned. Jeaneth tried her best of keeping it simple for everyone and explained in as much layman's terms as possible. In my opinion though, there came a point of just too much information being thrown off, and I wish there was a more practical approach, catered to runner-specific diet, that was provided.

Jeaneth Aro of Nutifit Philippines for The Runner's Fuel
Ma'am Jeaneth can I ask for a diet program? Haha!
The "Beyond Running" session was slated for the latter part of the afternoon. We had two speakers inserted on a jam-packed 1-hour window. First is none other than Coach Rio Dela Cruz, who shared his running roots. Yes he spoke on a training based on an elite's perspective, but the session was so intimate and everyone I'm sure can relate to what he shared - the sacrifices of spending hours on training, the ups and downs of race events, the fulfillment on achieving personal bests.

Coach Rio on Beyond Running - spoken with true heart and passion
I was anticipating the last motivational speech of the day coming from Kuya Kim Atienza. Of course I've already heard about his near-death experience before from other runners, but nothing comes close to him sharing the story himself. Everyone was so attentive, with the hall as quiet as ever, listening intently to every word Kuya Kim shared. His experience was scary, yet out of this he came back stronger and more motivated to live life. And running became instrumental to his changed lifestyle. It was so inspiring and fit to end the whole day's events.

Kuya Kim Atienza on "Beyond Running" - his inspirational story wrapped-up the day's sessions
Kuya Kim, I'm now a fan!
Coach Ani De Leon-Brown gracing the event with her presence - she's so approachable and so humble!
All participants were then given generous loot from Unilab post-event.  

Sports Nutrition Pack for all participants!
Class picture (photo courtesy of ULAH FB page)
Bloggers with the ULAH team (photo courtesy of ULAH FB page)
Active Health Runner's Summit - Sports Nutrition Pack and other loot - I love ENERVON HP!
Thank you Unilab Active Health and your generous sponsors for staging an event for runner's proper education and motivation. Truly your passion for innovative events such as this year's summit reflects your remarkable vision for good health and active lifestyle! We're all looking forward to more events like this in the future.

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