Saturday, June 26, 2010

Julio and Julia "Chased the Sun" at the Neutrogena Run

After having successfully organized the Skyathon run at Boracay, my sister wanted to join the bandwagon and experience running herself. I was surprised when she told me she wanted to register at the Neutrogena Run, but just on the shortest distance category possible. We registered for 3k, and I was excited because it's my first time running that distance, and with my sister too!

May 16, 2010 - Race day. I was in a company of a different set of people this time (Pic below from L-R: Armin, my sister Enchie, Jen, Me).

I knew this race is gonna be quick. On my uninjured state, I would normally run 5 minutes per kilometer, so that would just be 15 minutes on a 3k race. However, I have not yet fully recovered from my ankle injury, so I was just planning to take it easy again. I told my sister I'm going to be her pacer (again a first for me), and we ran all the way to the finish line together (Photovendo pic below). Of course there were a couple of moments when my sister wanted to give up and just walk, but part of a pacer's job is to push whoever the person is he's pacing to continue running. So that's what I did, and we finished with a solid 22 minutes and 5 seconds. Great time for my sister's first run! I'm a proud pacer!

We collected our loot bags early, and while everyone else was resting, I decided to walk around the race village to see some familiar faces. I brought a camera with me, just in case. Guess who I've spotted with my eagle eyes - Jaymie Pizarro aka The Bull Runner. She's the official Neutrogena Run model and endorser. She has such a happy aura around her.

Hopefully, this is just a start of more running events with my sister. To family and good health!

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