Monday, June 21, 2010

Unilab Run United for Wellness

Now a certified Rio fan, I vowed to join every running event he'll organize. Every race event is as perfect as it can possibly be - from registration to the actual day itself (and for this event, even the post-race has had its perks).

My only regret is that I registered late, hence no singlet. They cut off a hundred bucks from the registration fee, but I still wish I could have laid my hands on that nice Unilab singlet. Frustrated, I just bought myself a new, red NB singlet, wishing those damn Photovendo photographers get to notice me better in a sea of runners wearing white. The singlet did not disappoint.

March 7, 2010 - Race Day. Our running team is growing! (From L-R: Earl, Carlo, Mils, Paolo, Chrissie, Me, Eugene) Told yah my singlet's catchy. I should have worn a pair of shorts just like Earl's.

Again, this is another 10k event so I won't delve on the boring details. The most I could remember from the race is the sprint I did towards the finish line. My Photovendo pic captured the moment so well. Notice the facial growl. And I was hovering.

The official race result: 50 minutes, 5 seconds (ranked 54th out of 1850 10k runners). I was gunning for a sub-50 but I'd take it. This is my personal best as of writing.

We had our post-race meal at McDo and since we missed doing the superposition at the race village, guess where we did it?

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