Sunday, June 20, 2010

Runrio Trilogy Leg 1: Century Tuna Superbods Run

The famous Runrio Trilogy - Even running newbies dream of completing the three legs of this Rio-organized event. The first leg is sponsored by Century Tuna slated for February; second would be Nature Valley for May and the third and final leg would be Timex for November. The Timex Run boasts of the 32k category, wherein dream marathoners would be able to gauge their preparedness in running a full marathon. My plan is to run the trilogy in such a progression (10k, 21k then 32k), that by the end of the year, I can already say i am physically (and mentally) ready to do a 42k.

I have a series of firsts for Century Tuna Run: This is my first 10k running event. This is the first Rio-organized run I've joined in. This is also the first time I've tried to register online. It's very convenient since race packets are delivered to your doorsteps. The only problem is with sky-high registration fees nowadays, adding another hundred bucks for delivery fee is no longer practical. Store registration is still the best way to go.

February 21, 2010 - Race Day. I was excited to wear one of the best race singlets I've received so far (Each race category had a different singlet color by the way). Below's a group shot (from L-R: Cams, Earl, Mils, Chrissie, Charles, Me).

I have built enough confidence from my previous 21k run that I knew this 10k will just be a breeze. And as I'm writing this long-overdue blog, I just realized the race itself was really not that memorable. Well, I'm sure that's expected if you've just ran the Skyway previously. The Fort route is, well, the Fort route. I guess it's worth mentioning here that around 12,000 runners participated in this run. I wonder what percentage of that just joined to get a glimpse of Derek Ramsay though.

Another race first will be my Photovendo shot. There are a lot of photographers stationed throughout the race route, taking pictures of all the runners. Here's my favorite shot:

Cool right? Proves in this picture that I've already caught up with the 5k runners. I was that fast. Sorry, runners 5611 and 5208. :p

I clocked in 55 minutes and 12 seconds. A sub-1 hour on my first 10k attempt. Not bad, eh?