Saturday, June 26, 2010

Runrio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run

One Runner = One Tree. This is the tagline of the Nature Valley Run, Leg 2 of the Runrio Trilogy. I already blogged about my planned progression on the course of the trilogy - 10k, 21k then 32k for the final leg. However, getting injured in between the legs was never part of the plan. I registered for the 21k race category, long before I got injured in NatGeo. Back then, I was targetting to beat my 21k PR last Condura Run, but that would never solidify at this event, not with this ankle condition, no. That would have to wait.

Good thing my personal therapy sessions at Makati Med two weeks before the Nature Valley Run were already taking effect - I was able to remove the limping and can already walk at a faster pace. (Thanks to my therapists Daisy and Brian, if by chance you read this.) The problem is, I didn't get to do any practice runs, and had to cut my gym visits at a minimum.

May 30, 2010 - Race day. Four of us will be running 21k - Mils, Eugene, Earl and myself, wearing the orange race bibs. All of them are virgin half-marathoners.

I decided to run with Mils throughout the race course, sort of acting as a pacer for her as well. The plan was to do a 6-1 Galloway method (that would be alternating 6-minute run, 1-minute walk). But the plan did not even materialize, as Mils was not in a good running condition that day. She easily went out of breath within the first 5 kilometers. We would run a couple of minutes, and walk for a longer time. I did not complain though, and I was just enjoying our chats while walking, and I was also able to appreciate the views along the race route. Besides, walking with Mils prevented me from pushing myself again to the capabilities of my legs, which is a good thing.

It took us a long 3 hours, 34 minutes and 53 seconds to reach the finish line. As we were greeted by the race marshalls, putting on our 21k medals, I forgot how tired I was and I was just thankful to God that I survived my 2nd half-mary. There'll be plenty more opportunities to run a better 21k anyway.

We all made it - Earl, Mils, Eugene and myself. Aside from the medals and the finisher shirts given to 21k finishers, we also received a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream each. I devoured my ice cream in record time.

Leg 3 will take place on November. 32k, or the Afroman challenge, will be the race category highlight of that event. There's nothing more I'm praying for right now but to be injury-free for the rest of the year and be able to be in tip-top shape come November.

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  1. Hi Noel thanks for visiting my blog, looks like your really enjoying the races huh!? Goodluck and see you on the road!