Friday, April 6, 2012

Witnessing Dreams Come Alive at TBRDM2012

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon is every (newbie) runner's dream - a pampered journey to one's first (or second) full marathon. It started in 2010, when a lucky hundred runners took part in a race event like no other. (Trivia: I registered for the 2011 2nd batch but unfortunately wasn't able to run since I was on business trip.)

Now on its third year, a clamor from marathoner-wannabes gave way to an increase in sought-after race slots. 600 slots have been filled in mere days of registration announcement at Jaymie's TBR website. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a thousand in a year or two.

Four of my running teammates from Team Alpha1 were fortunate enough to be part of batch 3 - Daves, Rocky, Romp and Gian. Come March 18 race day at Nuvali, our team again provided support and cheered everyone on as they ran and conquered 42.195 kilometers.

The queue at the race check-in - runners were provided a timing band and chip which they should return at the end of the race.

A quick snap before the assembly (from L-R) - me, Martin and excited virgin marathoners Rocky, Romp and Gian.

The preparation of a winner - Daves putting on tape on his toes before wearing his minimalist shoe on.

Chasers - they will be running beside the dream marathoners on certain areas of the race route. They have already fulfilled their marathon dreams before and as they say, they are now "paying it forward"

A shot of the stage - a briefing of the runners before their most awaited gun start

Excitement at an all-time high - Runners just a few minutes away from starting the longest race (so far) of their lives

The early bird support team - Eugene, Rolly, Martin and me, proudly showing-off our Team Alpha1 and team support tarps

The support team tarp designed by yours truly :)

Hyper support team - This picture was taken when Daves arrived at km17, in 3rd place! We were all ecstatic!

Photographer Me - I took snaps of familiar faces. In this picture are Ceres aka Cybermumu, Scout aka Runt Runner, Astroboy Runner, Last Man Standing, Noel aka Running Castles, CJ aka Run Adobo King, Sponge Bob Runner with pacer Green Eyes Val Caro, Papa Racs, Lem, Mark Sigue, Runner's Runner, pacer Mish and chasers Eman and Rain.

The ever-supportive Team Alpha1 members - Bry, Marvin, Martin, Kathy, Rolly, Eugene and me

Crossing the finish line - Their cloud nine moments captured (again, collage was created by yours truly)

Daves was the first runner to cross the finish line with an amazing time of 4 hours and 10 minutes. BFD, you're my idol!

Our newest team member Romp finished strong at 5 hours and 2 minutes.

An ever-smiling Rocky clocked in at 5 hours and 54 minutes.

Gian finished in 6 hours and 32 minutes, and was greeted by his supportive fiancee and family at the finish line.

Posing with TBRDM finisher Doc Minnie (who still managed to do a jump shot after finishing the race)

The ever-present (but fashionably late) Ms Mars makes an appearance just before we left Nuvali to have our brunch at Tagaytay.

Pigging-out at Leslie's like we all ran a full!

Tourists? A shot of the team with the Taal volcano in the background

Back to Nuvali - Daves treated everyone to drinks from Serenitea

Thanks to Jaymie of TBR for making more marathon dreams come true this year and congratulations to all the chasers, pacers and dreamers!

For an account of the journey of my teammate and TBRDM2012 first placer Barefootdaves, you may visit the following links:
- TBR Dream Marathon Chronicles Part 1
- TBR Dream Marathon Chronicles Part 2

Happy reading!


  1. at pending pa ung part 3, hahahah! hope to finish it over the weekend.

    thanks noel for being up so early, 'documentary' snaps of the event, and the never-ending cheers as we complete the distance! :)

    1. welcome, Daves! alam mo naman gaano tayo kaexcited magsupport sa mga crucial races ng team hehe! at gusto ko na nga ilagay ung link ng part 3 ng chronicles. alam ko naman na magiging title nun e. kahit dead link pa. haha!

    2. Uy, extra kami sa pic! Salamat Noel and to the rest of the Team Alpha 1 Support!

    3. welcome Ceres! trabaho talaga namin magpaka-hyper para ganahan lalo ang mga runners. kung di tumakbo si daves, malamang eh sumasayaw kame ng "Always" habang nagccheer. sya ang lead dancer.

    4. wahahaha! oo yung "Always" panalo yun hahaha

  2. 1. Yes, business trip kaya naman anyaman ng team alpha1.
    2. Go, daves! "Team Alpha 1, Team Alpha1"
    3. Inunahan pa si Daves and CJ magtapos ng TBR posts...


    1. ang daming comments! hahaha!
      1. business trip = sagot ng kumpanya. kaya di mayaman un.
      2. go daves! haha! wala na ako masagot dito.
      3. technically, si daves may post na. eto na lang si adobo king ang inaantay natin. :p

    2. tsk, kumakain pa si adobo king ng adobo... after matulog...

    3. procrastination at its very best! hahaha!

  3. Wah Leslie's!!! Sana makapag-adventure din si Teh jan. (walang koneksyon sa running ang comment) :)

    1. Teh Bern, kayang-kaya natin puntahan ang Tagaytay. magfoodtrip minsan ang team dun!

  4. Target namin ni Tey next year... :P

    1. ayus! sabay from start to finish! kayang-kaya yan! dapat mabilis lang kayo sa registration dahil unahan.