Sunday, May 9, 2010

How I Started to Fall in Love With Running

From L-R: JM, Geoff, Junar, Raf, Goco, Ying, Earl and Me

Inspired by Early Runs, I'd like to start writing about running.

I remember getting a number of free invites last year from Ying on different running events. I keep turning them down, thinking I'm going to the gym regularly anyway, so what's the use of another physical activity? When HP AMG organized a run, I didn't attend as well. I didn't want to wake up 3am on a weekend just to tire myself out. Besides, that's the only time I get ample sleep.

However, last January, Ying invited me and other officemates to another running event - the "Takbo Para Kay Gibo" run. Was it peer pressure that made me go to a Nike shop to register? Nah, I don't think so. It was the start of a new year and I really wanted to do something new, so I gave it a try.

January 16, 2010 - After working Friday night shift, me and some officemates (Earl, JM and Raf) went straight to the Fort (Ying, Geoff, Junar and Goco came from a drinking session, haha!). I was excited and scared at the same time. I am not a fan of gym treadmills and 3km runs on them already tire me out. So I was expecting my body to fail an actual 5km race.

Surprisingly, I was able to keep up with Ying's pace, and able to finish within 30 minutes (the official race results were never released, confirming the event was just a campaign cover-up :p). I loved the feeling of running with around 3000 other people that time - the energy and adrenalin was just too great, that I wanted to do it again.

I wanted to push my limits further, that I signed-up for a 21km run next. That's the Condura Skyway Run for the Dolphins, one of the most anticipated runs of the year. That'll be the topic of my next blog, once I feel the writing mood again.

The Superposition


  1. Good job on your first blog budeh :)

  2. I guess we can say that this is also how I fell in love with running! Thanks for tagging Early Runs! :P

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere man...added you to my site...

  4. thanks scientist runner! you're one of my running idols.

  5. I have to do the “superPosition” with you guys.
    Blogging about your run is great because when you share your inner self it inspire the readers that “ dreams can come true” with running it challenges us to be a better person.
    Keep running and we will see you in the races.
    Make running a way of life
    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  6. sir patrick, i'll keep you posted on when our next run will be so that we could all do the superposition and post it on our blog sites. :)

  7. Hi there DeemenRunner,

    Thanks for the visit, and congratulations to you for having made running part of your lifestyle. Hope to see you on the next races.