Monday, May 21, 2012

15k Turned 21k at the Ensure to Endure Run

True enough, Entraineur's Ensure to Endure Run is like any Runrio-organized race event - high quality. The only difference is it's a smaller and a more intimate event, which I really enjoyed.

Last May 20, me and Barefootdaves agreed to extend our 15k race by doing a pre-race run (and a post-race depending on our after-race mood :p), and targeted to run a total of 25k to 30k.  We met around 4:30am and started running around BGC and McKinley. The 15k gunstart is at 5:15am but since we're on LSD mode (or kwentuhan mode), we knew we will not make it back on the starting line on time.  We were not on race mode anyway so it's ok. After 40 minutes of pre-race run, we approached the starting line arc. We heard the hosts doing a countdown for the 10k race participants so we just joined them as they were sent off. It was easy to squeeze our way in the crowd since it was not too big of an event.

Me and Barefootdaves at the Buendia flyover (photo c/o Spongebob Runner)
My last run was April 21, 5k at Boracay. I had no mileage so fatigue came early. We were just doing an average of 7 min/km pace but I felt my body could no longer attain our target distance. We decided not to continue with a post-race run amid the great weather; we already did 21k anyway, which was good enough. Hungry and tired, I was also too excited to have a hearty post-race breakfast.

Here are some observations on the event:
- Hydration is overflowing - both water and Powerade. Hydration station locations are also well-placed. There are more stations on areas where 5k, 10k and 15k participants merge.
- There were a lot of race marshals manning turning points and U-turn spots.
- Less crowd, more road space for running, more fun!
- Mom's happy with the Ensure product giveaway for the race finishers.

Great event from Entraineur! Everyone's happy! Looking forward to more events like this.

Me, Speedy and Barefootdaves (photo courtesy of Rolly Pangilinan)
Pre-run and race stats (c/o my Soleus GPS watch)


  1. Great run Noel. Intimate and small races like these are really fun. Is your race stat data from your Soleus still powered by excel file? :)

    1. hehe yep! soleus 1.0 at ang mahiwagang excel file. i love MS excel so ok lang kahit manual entry ng race data. hehe! :)