Friday, December 20, 2013

Sierra 51050 on February 23, 2014

*** Press Release ***

13 December 2013 MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Running is an individual sport. It brings out the best and the worst in you, yet you still go back for more: another mile perhaps tomorrow. With the benefits of running, no wonder runners have formed groups or clubs just to get the most out of each run or race.

Rundezvous, Inc. has come up with a race that will encourage running as a group or team. Sierra 51050 is a race that is geared towards fostering teamwork and team spirit. A team will be composed of five (5) runners and will cover increments of ten (10) kilometers and will run the 50-km route. Set in the scenic roads and the challenging hills of Tanay, Rizal; it will be a first of its kind promoting camaraderie among team members and bringing out the best in each member.

The opportunities for a team race multiply, with the following benefits:
- Runners will be required to register as a team.
- Groups may be motivated to train for the race.
- Teams may be interested to make uniforms for recognition.

Sierra 51050 will be on February 23, 2014, Sunday with registration fee of P3,500/team (P700/member). Registration starts real soon with an early bird registration fee of P3,000/team so watch out for it!

Reservation is on-going, interested teams may visit our Facebook page:

Sierra 51050 is in partnership with Running Atom and Running Free Manila.

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