Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 21k PR at Milo Marathon Finals

Milo Marathon is a race I definitely want to join every year; it's basically a tradition. My 21k PR is 2011's December edition, where I got a time of 1:51:19. Until now, I still could not beat that PR. Haha! I've been dreaming of getting a sub 1:50 half marathon. Maybe 2014 will be kinder.

The Milo Marathon uses a winning race formula, and Runrio has already perfected the execution of this top-notch event. The cut-off of 2 hours and 30 minutes for 21k makes it one of the tougher, yet more fulfilling races to participate in.

Here are some of my race observations:
- Overflowing (cold) hydration - both water and sports drinks - as always from a Runrio race
- Lots of marshals and security
- Fun post-race activity area
- I won't get tired collecting the finisher medal even though the design does not change much - there's something "elite" about having the Milo Marathon medals as part of one's collection
- The only improvement area - I was a bit confused with the 21k kilometer markers - a lot of them were misplaced along the route. Not sure what happened here, but got the same feedback from fellow half-marathoners.

Read also from Facebook a number of posts regarding rampant cheating on the long distance categories this year, even on the full marathon! Very disappointing to find out what some people would do just to get a medal and some loot. Sigh.

On a positive note, I have lots of cool photos to share! Haha!

On the way back! Photo courtesy of Tong Pascua
Just took a bath! Haha! Photo courtesy of Art Mendoza
With Ryan and Rolly (Speedy Titan)
With Ryan and 21k race buddies Hazielle (it's her first 21k and she beat the cut-off!) and her pacer Rhon
With Becky Runner and Rolly (and Syril posing at the background)
Group shot
Had to take our photo at the race village entrance
Jake doing the headstand (and Rhon pointing to something)
From Official Race Results - 1:56:34 - My 21k PR for this year! Milo brings out the best in me!
Thanks Nestle and Milo for continuing to provide running shoes to children who dream of being future athletes of the country. See you at the Milo 2014 events!


  1. Congratulations! Love the medal design.

    Read my review:

    1. congrats on your race finish, mohd! keep running!