Sunday, May 19, 2013

Slimmerun 2013: What? No Water?!

It's normal for runners to complain if race events only offer water and not energy drinks. This time it's different. Slimmerun 2013 did not have any water on the hydration stations. Vitwater (that pink variant) was offered instead (take note: warm Vitwater). On a particularly hot summer day wherein runners are used to pouring cold water on their heads to lower their body temperature, it was tough for me to adjust to new hydration and water-less stations. To add insult to injury, when I asked one of the marshals manning the hydration station if there's any water available, I got the response "Tubig din po yan." I just continued running since I might regret what comes out next on my mouth. Haha!

Flashback a bit, I registered for Slimmerun since it's one of the only few races this May that offered 21k. RU2 is just around the corner and I needed mileage badly. I was hesitant because there's not much hype on this event, with very poor marketing and a very late publication of the race route. If you read comments on blogs and social media sites requesting for race information, zero response was received from the organizers.

Desperate for mileage, Slimmerun is a go. Plan is to complete 25k - pre-race of 4k and race 21k. I brought my hydration bottle with me just to be sure.

Met Sir Patrick Concepcion (a.k.a Runningshield) early at the parking area. He thought it was an early gun start.
Another confusing part of the race is its 21k route. Instead of the usual routes covering 21k straightforward, the Slimmerun has a section wherein you need to do a loop. It was weird, and mentally challenging - as you near the finish area, you need to take a u-turn and go back to Bonifacio High Street, then re-trace the path you took going to the finish line. Saw a lot of confused runners due to this and there might have been runners who made a shortcut accidentally if they missed the crucial turns.

The weird 21k race route
Some other race observations and feedback:
- Hydration station between the 14km-15km mark ran out of Vitwater at the early part of the race. It was a busy section of the route as all categories are passing by so Vitwater supply at that area should have been planned better. At this part, I just gave up on my attempt to even get a decent time on the race as I was afraid of getting dehydrated. I slowed down and alternated walks until the next hydration station which was another kilometer or two.
- Since there were really no announcements made by the organizers if there will be finisher medals, shirts or loot bags in store for runners, it was bit of a surprise when 21k runners were greeted at the finish line with a medal and a loot bag. I guess it's a plus (shrugs).
- From a runner I follow in Twitter: @jpnavarrete Slimmers is all biceps, and no brains. Worst run ever!
- From a runner friend Mark Labit: He posted a picture in Facebook with the following caption: "Expired freebie in a recently concluded fun run." A box of C-Lium Fiber in the loot bag had an expiration date of January 2012. Wow!

Almost at the finish!
Still managed to smile at the finish line.
With Ms Mars of Pinoyfitness

With barefoot runner Loyce
Well, I'm still thankful I was able to log 25 kilometers today. A pre-race 4km (28:24) and a disappointing 21km (2:09:02), totaling 25 kilometers (2:37:26).

Slimmer's World International and Slimmerun, you better shape up next year or else you're gonna lose more runners! (As if today's race had lots, hehe!)


  1. at least they were original with the no water thing lol

    1. hahaha! that's not something original they'll be proud of. such a fail decision from the organizers (or wala lang talaga gusto magsponsor)

  2. adik naman...

    Disappointed ka na sa 2:30 na 25km... :S

    1. hehe, could have done better kase, if only they had decent hydration. still thankful for the injury-free race though. :)

  3. "Desperate for mileage, Slimmerun is a go."

    You can always go for a run whenever you have time. You don't have to register in a fun run to get mileage. Just go out and run!

    1. :) i prefer joining races on weekends, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of an actual race.

  4. 10k gunstart was earlier than scheduled. It was supposed to be at 5:30am! Palpak! And yeah, no water at all?

    1. woah! that i haven't heard of yet. that sucks! wonder what made them change the gun start time last minute.

  5. is this YOUR worst race for 2013? hehe