Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts

When I was just new to running (and I haven't even started blogging my own race experiences), one of the things I like doing is blog-hopping. Read an article, check out a blogger's blog roll, and keep on clicking links to the different runner blog sites. I particularly like reading race experiences, and there are just some bloggers who write so effectively that I almost feel I was with them.

I listed my top 10 favorite blog posts below (I have more favorites though), with links to their original articles, which I'm sure you'll enjoy reading too.

10. Run Adobo King
Top 10 Random Putik Moments @ Merrell Adventure Run 2012
- Such a fun blog post of CJ and fellow Pinoy Exchange members retelling his muddy experience in the Merrell Run! Best part: the shower photo.

9. By Sheer Will
IronWill (First of Two Parts)
- One of my favorite bloggers, his writing style just amuses me. This post tells Enrico Villanueva's Cobra 70.3 Ironman journey. I'm not into multi-sport, but this post has drawn me into CamSur experience.

8. Running Fatboy
Bataan Death March Ultramarathon 2013 Edition
- Dennis might have been DQed on the recent BDM 102 for not meeting the 17-hour cutoff, but I salute him for still finishing what he started. Next year, he'll have his revenge.

7. Kulit Runner
Measurement of a Celebrity
- I read this post when I was still a running newbie. Coach Rio eventually became a name everyone knew in the running community. Mommy Vimz enumerated the signs on Coach Rio's new celebrity status.

6. Pambansang Legs
Payola Incorporated
- I remember the term "payola" being frequently mentioned by bloggers when I first got invited on running event launches. Eman wrote his sentiments on bloggers being accused of being paid just to attend.

5. Running Free Manila
Before You Lead You Must Follow, How To Be A Pacer
- I can so relate to Allan's observations on being a race pacer. I've paced a number of runners already so this post by RFM became one of my instant favorites.

4. The Bull Runner
Thank You!
- Jaymie Pizarro's post on the first ever TBR Dream Marathon. This inspired me to join and register for the 2011 edition, wherein I wasn't able to run due to a 3-month business trip. TBRDM became a sought-after event for marathon virgins and second-timers.

3. Life Begins at 50
Living the Dream in Nuvali (TBR Dream Marathon in Pictures)
- A very inspiring post from Nora, a mom on her 50s - she did the marathon on TBRDM 2010. She did her 2nd marathon in TBRDM 2012, and I personally witnessed her "dancing queen" moment when she passed by one of the support stations. I'm her fan!

2. Runningshield
Tokyo Marathon 2012
- My running idol, Patrick Concepcion, did the Tokyo Marathon last 2012. This post inspired me to push my luck this 2013 and run in one of the best marathon destinations in the world.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon: My 2nd Full Marathon
- Jinoe's blow-by-blow account of his Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon experience. By the time I got to reading the part when he was sprinting to make it to the cut-off, I was literally gasping for air. That's how effective his post was.

Thank God for bloggers who inspire!


  1. wow! thanks! sipag sipag mo magblog!:)

  2. Hi Noel, thanks for mentioning my article in your list. That is one story Im sure to tell my children and grandchildren someday. :D

  3. Really honored to be mentioned in your list. Thanks again. :)