Friday, September 14, 2012

Unilab Active Health Calendar for 2013

With the last quarter of the year coming in a few days, Unilab Active Health has already released their 2013 activities calendar, so that everyone living an active lifestyle may already plan ahead and block these important event dates.

For all runners, Run United Runrio Trilogy will be leveling-up next year! Save these dates:

Run United 1
March 24, 2013
(5k - 10k - 21k)

Run United 2
June 2, 2013
(10k - 21k - 32k)

Run United Philippine Marathon
October 6, 2013
(10k - 21k - 42k)

Which can only mean Runrio Trilogy Awardees will be those who finished 21k - 32k - 42k! Woot! I'm happy with this!

For those who are into multi-sports, Tri United schedule is on the image above.

Start planning, guys! Aren't you just excited for 2013?

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