Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nike Flyknit: A Definite Eye-Catcher

Photo courtesy of Lookbooks website
As I was browsing through old blog posts, I noticed I was not blogging running-related purchases I made in the past. This is now about to change.

If you've been a fan of the London 2012 Olympics (like I was), it would have been very difficult not to notice similar shoes worn by the athletes across all types of sports. It's this neon green pair that's a definite eye-catcher. It's the Nike Flyknit, a revolutionary lightweight pair made of inter-crossed yarn and fabric. I fell in love at first sight and promised myself I'll get my hands on a pair if it becomes available in the Philippines.

Nike Flyknit Galore in London 2012 Olympics! (Photo courtesy of Monorex website)
Surprised I was the first week of August when I read Coach Rio's tweet that there would be limited supplies of Nike Flyknit in Riovana. Giddy me did not waste any time and ran to Riovana BGC. The pair of Nike Flyknit Racer costs 6995php.

Woot, woot! The bag contains my preciousssss!
Out of the box!
Super love my Flyknit!
Believe it or not, I have never used my pair on a race yet. I planned on using them on short distance races (3k or 5k perhaps) but I always register in long distance categories that I haven't had the chance to test them yet. Yes, I use them on treadmill training and I can say it's as if I'm running barefoot due to the pair being super lightweight. The closest I did in using them on pavement is when I was a marshal/photographer during the HP Fun Run last year (photo below when I was pacing two runners to the finish line).

HP Fun Run 2012 - Nike Flyknit's still grabbing attention on photo!
One great thing about having a pair of Flyknit is you get to have a lot of random people approach you and ask you where you got the pair, or just plain complimenting you for the great-looking shoes. It was definitely one of my best buys last year.

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  1. Nice shoes.. Love it.. I'm not into running but If have a chance I will definitely buy that shoes..