Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Visit to Asics Solenad Nuvali

Having realized the mileage of my NB running shoes already exceeded 800 kilometers, I was on desperate search for a new running pair. Of course it was a crazy idea to purchase a new one and use for my upcoming Tokyo Marathon but I think it was more risky if I still use my NBs and get injured if I push using those over-worn pair.

In my search for the perfect pair, I already tried on a number of shoe brands, and kept switching on succeeding purchases. Nike, K-Swiss, New Balance. It's now time to try on something new. And with the recent sponsorship/partnership of Asics with the Condura Skyway Marathon, and Asics being the official partner of Tokyo Marathon, there's no doubt I would have to purchase Asics this time around.

I did some initial researching and asking around - my friend from Team Titans Mark recently purchased Asics and he warned me that Kayano models were heavy because of too much support. I looked at the Asics FB page and checked highly discounted pairs and looked up product reviews available online, relying on other runners' experiences and review scores.

One particular model caught my attention - the Asics Gel 1170. It got a decent review of 4.0 in Runner's World. (Article at this link.) Asics Nuvali had a great discount on it - 40% off - from SRP of 5600php, it was on sale at 3600php! I was also informed by another Team Titans friend Loyce that this particular model's a good buy, so I had my mind set on the purchase.

So the afternoon of February 16, a Saturday, a few days before my flight to Tokyo, I asked my sister and her husband to accompany me to Nuvali, since the Asics branch there is the only one offering big discounts on running shoes.

Asics Solenad 2 Nuvali branch
It was so exciting to see all the Asics models on display (and on sale!). I immediately checked if the 1170 is still available and got surprised to see I had 4 color options to choose from (red, white and black / black / blue and white / gray and lime). I fell in love with the gray and lime one, and my sister liked it too.

The staff at Asics Nuvali were so courteous and accommodating. The guy who assisted me on my purchase seemed so knowledgeable on the shoes they were selling. As he had me fit two sizes (9 and 9.5) to get me to determine the perfect fit, he was explaining the cushioning and support on both rear and forefoot area of the shoes. And as I was contented to get the size-9 pair and purchased them over the cashier counter, everyone at the store gave us a big smile and bid us goodbye. I left the shop one happy customer!

The paperbag and the box
Un-boxing my Asic Gel 1170
New Shoes Yeah!
I had no time to waste - the following day I took the pair for a test run at the Manila Memorial Park. I recently purchased a pair of Thorlos Experia socks so I had to test the Thorlos - Asics combo. I did a 20km run (that's 10 loops inside Manila Memorial Park). The shoes were perfect! I felt how great the cushioning was and how my feet were supported all throughout the long distance run. I'm so loving Asics!

Test Run!
Now the real test is how this new pair will aid me in Tokyo Marathon.

For great deals, visit/like the Asics - Onitsuka Tiger Nuvali FB page at this link:

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