Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skechers GO RUN: Go Midfoot, Go Minimal, Go Lightweight

I've been lucky enough to be invited on the launch of a new line of running shoes by one of the leading footwear brands - Skechers. I owned a few pairs of Skechers before and they were all for "porma" purposes. Good thing the brand is now expanding into the running market.

There are five things worth mentioning that define the Skechers GO Run model:
  1. Mid-foot Strike. It's a good transition shoe from heel-strikers to mid-foot strikers. When you put the shoe on an even surface, you'll notice that the middle of the shoe base is arched at the center. This way, you'll be sort of forced to land mid-foot while running.
  2. Minimalist. If you want the sensation of barefoot running, donning a pair of GO run might just give you the feeling of natural running.
  3. Lightweight. 4.9 oz for women's size 6 and 6.9 oz for men's size 9.
  4. Good value for money. SRP is 3995php for women's and 4095php for men's.
  5. Color varieties. There are a lot of colors to choose from! Even if you're not running, it's great to wear as your everyday casual shoes.
Some of the colors available (men's on top, women's on bottom part of the pic)

Here's a short clip showing how cool you'll look running in a pair of Skechers GO Run:

For more information on Skechers GO Run, visit their official website at this link. You may also like Skechers on Facebook via this link.

Thanks to Ma'am Vimz Mendoza and Michelle Obligacion for the invite!


  1. Replies
    1. nahawakan ko lang. nattwist-twist ung shoes sobrang flexible nung material nya. planning to buy pa lang the green one. sana available sa pinas ung color na un.