Monday, February 13, 2012

Powerade Ion4 Product Launch

I've been fortunate enough to be invited to the launch of Coca-cola's latest product geared towards fitness enthusiasts: The Powerade Ion4, the complete sports drink. What makes this hydration drink complete is that it has the four key electrolytes typically lost during sweat:
Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. That's Na, K, Ca and Mg for the chemistry geeks (like me!).

Coincidentally, there are also four big names endorsing this new product: fitness expert Chinggay Andrada, basketball player David Semerad, football player Neil Etheridge, and of course my running idol Coach Rio dela Cruz. Chinggay, David and Coach Rio graced the occasion with their presence. Neil was out of the country but still left a video message for everyone.

Mountain Blast, Orange Burst, Silver Charge

Powerade Ion4 comes in three variants: Orange Burst, Mountain Blast and Silver Charge and they come in easy-grip 500mL bottles. The latter two flavors are available in bottles with sports caps, for easier re-hydration during exercise.

We received an invite requesting us to come in our favorite sports attire, so we expected some sort of activities wherein we could participate (and perspire). The venue had four major sections: an area for running, a section for cycling, a half-court for basketball, and a zone for football. Guests can join any of the four and receive some cool freebies from Powerade. Of course, I joined the treadmill challenge (but unfortunately wasn't fast enough to grab the big prize).

The runner's challenge: the most hi-tech NordicTrack treadmills I've seen!

Fellow bloggers Ma'am Vimz, Eman and Let battling it out at the cycling area

The three-point challenge dominated by the basketball players in attendance

Kick and shoot! A lot of guests tried their luck at the football zone.

Happy bloggers!

Thanks Powerade!