Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Running Rewards

I've rewarded myself two items for my December running feats: a Soleus 1.0 GPS watch for finishing my first ever sub-2 21k race at QCIM, and a new pair of running shoes, New Balance 1090, for achieving a back-to-back 21k PR at the Milo Marathon finals. Yay, i love awarding myself with something for my achievements!

Soleus 1.0 GPS Watch - I've used this a couple of times and I love it!
New Balance 1090, lightweight stability. Still for break-in.

Thank You God for a great 2011 - for giving me the strength, endurance and patience in my running training. 2012 will only get better. Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. more rewards to come! happy new year! =)

  2. reward #3 (para sa Rizal Day Run): Moleskine 2012 planner. haha! happy new year Daves!

  3. Congrats! More to come.. Happy new year. :)

  4. anu kaya reward mo sa 32k pr mo sa RDR? hehe

  5. bry parang di nga reward. punishment ang katapat e. di pa ako nakakatakbo ng more than a week! tsk. haay. not now. HK na eh!