Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Blogcon: Runrio's Go Natural Run

I'll start 2012 by blogging about my first blog-con experience. You've probably read about the details of Runrio's Go Natural Run from my previous promotional blog post here.

Last December 12, I got surprised by an email I received in my Yahoo inbox. It's an email from Ma'am Vimz (Kulitrunner), inviting me to a running event launch. I was excited by the invite and immediately sent her an SMS confirmation. The launch is to be held the next day, dinner time, at Resort's World. I had work that time but since RW is just near my place, I decided I could still attend the event; work can wait. This is an opportunity I wouldn't want to miss.

Ma'am Vimz' email invite

I then asked a fellow blogger and Team Alpha1 teammate Daves if he was going to attend the event. I was a bit hesitant going if I did not have any known company with me. Luckily he was attending too. Another TA1 teammate, Jayson, is also in attendance.

I've been to Resort's World a couple of times but have not yet been to Maxim's Hotel. Passion Restaurant is located there - an authentic Chinese resto.

I was "starstruck" by the number of bloggers I saw at the event. Some faces I could already match with their blogging/running monickers since I like visiting different running sites during my spare time. Daves was whispering people's names (and their corresponding blog sites) to me but honestly, I could not remember them all. All of these bloggers seem bonded already through the number of launches they've been to, but they seem like a jolly bunch of people to be with. As usual, Ma'am Vimz is very accommodating, and I didn't even feel like a blogger newbie the way she treated me.

Event banner at the launch venue

Yummy Chinese food!

After dinner, the actual program commenced. Details about the event were shared to everyone. I had to take note of some of the information shared so that I'd not forget to include them when I blog about Go Natural Run. Bloggers were also given an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about the event.

Sample 21k finisher's shirt

Group shot - Coach Rio, organizers, sponsors, bloggers

Me, Pandesalrunner, Barefootdaves - showing-off our free 21k race kits

Again, thanks Ma'am Vimz for the blog-con invite!


  1. Yes naman! Eggsited din ako dati ng maimbitahan ako sa isang EX-CLUE-SHIVE Event! Magkikita pa tayo sa mga susunod na pagtitipon...

    1. salamat sa warm welcome during the RUNew launch, banjo! ;) sorry at tahimik pa kame nila cj and thirdy.