Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DNF and DNS: My Most Hated Acronyms

I never wanted 2012 to start this way for me, getting injured and all. But they say there's always a first in everything, and I'll just take this as another learning experience.

HK marathon is just around the corner; and at the time I should be at my training peak, I wasn't able to run. Two consecutive running events I have been anticipating have been missed - PSE Bull Run 21k last January 8, where I was one of the first 500 lucky registrants, and Go Natural Run 21k last January 15, which I heavily promoted here in my blog site.

DNF (Did Not Finish) at PSE Bull Run 21k
I was hesitant running this event since I still haven't recovered fully from Rizal Day Run 32k. The stubborn Taurean in me made me go to BGC and meet-up with FFS and Kathy, who'll be doing 10k. I managed to do a 5:45 min/km pace at the 1st kilometer, then a slower 6:10 min/km pace at the next 2 kilometers. After that, my legs felt like lead. My shins were burning like crazy and my knees were giving up. I knew right there and then that I needed to stop. I did not want to risk my HK marathon dream by pushing myself to run a 21k I knew I could not finish. At kilometer 3, I removed my bib and made a U-turn and walked back to the starting line. My first DNF.

Kathy and Me - Pre-race (My only pic from PSE Bull Run)

DNS (Did Not Start) at Go Natural Run 21k
I knew after PSE Bull Run that I needed more time to recover. I told my Team Alpha1 teammates that I wouldn't be able to run at this event. I may have missed bonding time with my teammates, but there will be more opportunities for bonding on future events anyway.

Let me leave you with one good moving-on quote by Byrd Baggett: "Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror." I came to realize these are just two missed running events. I will recover and be back on the road again soon.


  1. Ang masasabi ko lang eh... Ok nang mag DNS at mag DNF.. kesa naman Mandaya ka di ba!? Saludo ako at tinanggap mo ang tawag ng iyong katawan upang magpahinga... Makakabawi ka din!

    1. ang tanga lang nung mandadaya sa race, sarili lang niloloko. haha! anyway, nakabawi na ako! finished 21k last sunday sa subic. :)

  2. i have a fair share of dnf and dns too. it happens. :)

    1. after two years of running, ngayon lang kase nangyari sakin. kakafrustrate. pinagdaanan ko ang 7 stages of grief. hehe!