Monday, June 10, 2013

Alaska World Milk Day Run: Back to 10k

A few days before June 9, I was still seriously contemplating on what race to join. I had two choices: Philippine Air Force Run, which had my favorite 21k distance OR Alaska World Milk Day Run, with 10k as its longest category. I chose the latter. Majority of my blogger friends decided to be in Alaska anyway, so that helped me make my choice. I just finished a 32k run last Sunday at Unilab Run United Leg 2. Choosing to run 10k will help make me prove if my long mileage from last week will give me the strength to propel a fast finish time. Side note: Can you believe my last 10k race was February of 2012? Haha! Yes, that long ago.

I and fellow blogger friends Rolly (Speedy Titan) and CJ (Run Adobo King) met at around 4:30am. I had no particular game plan and race target. I just wanted to run as fast as I can, as long as I can. At the back of my mind though, I'm saying "I must at least do a sub-1!"

Pre-race photo with CJ and Rolly
Being used to running half-marathons, I realized running 10k is just a breeze. And so while running, I was already taking down mental notes on my observations on the race:
- The race village area is well-barricaded. There were only a few entry/exit points and security was tight as usual. There were a lot of marshals and bouncers walking around, ensuring event safety and security.
- I was surprised when the countdown to gun start commenced; the gun start was one minute advanced - runners were sent-off 4:59 instead of 5:00am. I had no problem with this since I and my companions were early at the assembly area.
- Hydration stations were placed at around 2km-intervals. There were no energy drinks along the route, which is just ok as this is just a short-distance event. Water being served is cold and hydration stations were well-manned. Large waste disposal containers were also well-placed after stations.
- Kilometer markers were visible along the race route.
- The best part for me is the 10k route itself - it was challenging as there were a lot of areas with uphills. Usual 10k routes of other race events just go around BGC area. Alaska World Milk Day Run is different as it made use of Buendia flyover. Moreover, it even utilized the road going to McKinley which led to a killer uphill going back to BGC area. I love the tough course!

ACTION SHOT! Donning my Unilab Active Health singlet
As I approached the finish line, I was ecstatic to see my time which clocked in at 52 minutes and 5 seconds. Surprisingly it's as close as I have gotten to my PR of 50:05. When I looked back, I saw Rolly and then Patrick Concepcion (Runningshield) just finishing a few seconds after me. We had quick photo taken at the finish line arc before other race finishers arrived.

Finish line photo with Runningshield and Speedy Titan (photo courtesy of Tong Pascua)
My race performance: Fastest at KM8 (4:38 min/km) and slowest at KM 9 (5:47 min/km)
Arriving at the race village, there was a bit of confusion on the flow of what finishers need to do. I and Rolly went straight to the loot bag claiming booth but we were told by the security guy there that we need to have our photo taken first at the milk moustache booth. At that time it was still ok since the people at the race village were still in manageable volumes. However, I was thinking sooner or later, long queues will be the result of the influx of finishers.

Milk Moustache Booth Photos - Didn't drink the milk as I'm not used to drinking milk post-race. Afraid to upset my tummy.
Eventually bloggers converged at the media tent area. It was fun taking group photos and chatting with fellow bloggers who ran in the event. Bloggers were given another set of loot bag (yay!) and we were treated to a post-race Tapa King breakfast.  

Allan (Running Free Manila), CJ, Rolly, Me, Rikki (Cheapanggang Diva)
Tapa King breakfast with bloggers (Chika-chika din pag may time)
There may have been no finisher medals but the loot bag containing various Alaska products was just the best! Who wouldn't be excited with these Alaska goodies?

Alaska Loot
Great, great race event, which I'd probably rate a 9 out of 10! Kudos to Alaska and Sunrise Events (headed by Ma'am Princess Galura) for staging this fun, family-oriented event.

P.S. Race results were released the same day as race day at Unfortunately, my name is not on the list. Disappointed but I've already sent an email to the Strider Team. Hope this gets fixed soon. I'll update this post as soon as I receive feedback from them.

P.P.S. Thanks to the Strider Team, I'm now on the official race results as of June 11! Top 32 yeah!

52 minutes and 5 seconds!


  1. Inggit ako.... Natulog lang ako nung Sunday...

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    1. bawi na lang sa world vision run! 21k naman dun! :)