Sunday, September 4, 2011

Team Alpha1 Introductions at Rexona Run 2011

Blogging definitely has grown my running friends' network. I love reading other people's blogs and how running impacted their lives. In fact, I also get inspiration from what I read in these blogs. It was also on one of the blogs that I met Bryan (FFS). Early this year, he told me he was planning to come up with a running group, and asked me if I was interested to join. I was, but the timing was not right for me to commit yet because of what is to come with work and travel. So I had to delay joining.

And so Team Alpha1 was born. And while I was on a long business travel, I just had Facebook to see how the team members bonded every single race they've joined in. It looked like it was a very fun group to be with.

When I got back, Bryan was still as most welcoming for me on joining the team. Almost everyone from TA1 has registered in Runrio's Rexona Run 2011 on the 21k category, and so this was the perfect opportunity for me to get to meet them.

TA1 members were on pacer duties on this run, with one group doing a sub-2:00 pace, with another doing a sub-2:30 pace. I started to be introduced to each member, but they didn't know I already could match the names with the faces as I did my homework by memorizing names from the team's FB account (Haha!). I kept fairly quiet though as I'm still adjusting.

I tried to follow the sub-2 pacers (Eugene, Bry, Rolly, Daves and Marvin), but this being my first 21k this year, I had difficulty catching up and had to slow down by kilometer-10. I was on my own and following my steady pace until the finish line where I clocked in at 2 hours, 15 minutes and 9 seconds, just between the time the two pacer groups finished. Haha! I should have had my own pacer bib with 2:15 written on it.

Red singlet required :p

It was Kathy's birthday so it's a post-race breakfast treat c/o Bry and Kathy! Talk about good timing! Got to meet 10 members of the team (out of 14). Cool (and funny) people to hang out with!

From L-R: Jesy, Billy, Martin, Kathy, Daves, Rolly, Bry, Rocky, Jayson, Eug, Me, Marvs

about to devour Kathy's favorite Black Forest Cake

Runpix - top 25%, not bad!

Nice medal addition to my collection :)


  1. wow! catching up with blogging. hehe. Good to be back man.

    I dub thee, Sir Deemen!

  2. catch-up sa runs, catch-up sa blog, catch-up sa lahat. haha! good influence kayo sakin e.