Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fort Strider's Run: My First 16k

It was a last minute decision to run this race - I didn't even invite my usual running companions to join. The only reason I registered for this event was that it matches the 16k requirement on my marathon training program for September 12. Of course I tagged Eugene along.

Race Pros:
  • Registration center at Paranaque - After my practice run at Manila Memorial Park, had a 5-minute drive to Nelson Auto Repair Shop in front of Paranaque Medical Center to register. Yes, you read that right - an auto repair shop that accepts race registration.
  • Cheap Registration Fee - 300 pesos only with a free singlet! I didn't like the fit though, so I didn't wear it on the race day.
  • Manual barcode timing system but guess what? The results were released at the same day! Big wow!
  • Ample water stations (and Pocari Sweat stations too).
  • Hyper race marshalls cheering racers on. I love hyper race marshalls!

Now on to the cons:

  • Race Route map was released 2 days before the actual race day. When we arrived at the venue, we found out that they scrapped the initial released route and just used the usual Runrio map, modified a bit for 16k.
  • Late gunstart with no warm-up. Everyone was surprised when the gun fired to signal the race start without any heads-up whatsover.
  • The event name is FS marathon - why the hell are they using the word "marathon" for an event with only 16k as the farthest category?

My legs felt very heavy at the start but after a few kilometers, I felt the leg muscles loosening up. I was really grateful Eugene paced with me until the finish line. We did a steady pace of around 6 minutes per kilometer - just the right pace we're aiming for our upcoming SG marathon. We finished in 1 hour, 34 minutes and 46 seconds.

And since we didn't have our usual running photographers with us, we had to settle on only a few shots from my celphone camera. Here's a pic of the start/finish line before the 16k gunstart:

And here's a post-race picture of me and Eugene from the race village stage:

12 weeks to go before the BIG day. I need more training!


  1. the gunstart was really funny. we were still chatting at the back when the gun was fired. they did the same for the other categories

  2. Noel try to train on running uphill. I think madaming ganon sa route ng SG marathon. See you soon!

  3. @daves - mukhang nakita nga kita dun sa event! di ko lang sure kung ikaw nga un.
    @reden - yep, doing hill training din kahit paunti-unti. mejo forte ko ang uphill, mahina ako sa down. weird nga e.

  4. hey you did pretty good. 12 weeks to go for the big day .. Alright!

  5. Congratulations to your 10-mile debut, time to add another 10-mile on Nov. 21 at Unilab, hehe... join na 32k :)

  6. @sir patrick - thank you sir! can't wait for condura 2011!
    @runningatom - yes, i have registered at 32k. see you there! :)