Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Running My First Full Marathon on December...

... and its in Singapore!

I and three running buddies - Eugene, Chrissie and Mils, have all signed-up for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon which will happen on December 5, 2010. Eugene and I will be doing the full marathon; the ladies will be doing a half-mary.

The decision was quite impulsive - I always had this dream of doing a full marathon somewhere else, somewhere special. I was very fortunate my running friends were game to the sudden idea; of course I wanted to have people to share the experience with.
  • May 20 - SCMS opened the registration for all race categories (42k/21k/10k)
  • June 2 - I was browsing the web and the idea of joining a full marathon came to mind (Inception level). I told my friends about it and we decided to register the next day.
  • June 3 - Eugene and I registered for 42.195km; Chrissie and Mils registered for 21.097km. We were ecstatic!
  • June 4 - Registration for the full marathon closed.
  • June 7 - Registration for the half marathon closed.
  • June 8 - Registration for the 10k category closed.

That's how lucky we were. Everything seemed meant to be. We also got last-minute flight promo fares from Philippine Airlines. Sweet.

Here's the proof (I advertently omitted some of the fields):

I'm now on the 3rd week of Runners World's 16-week marathon training program. Thanks to The Bull Runner for the training tip!


  1. Noel, good luck on your full mary. A buddy of mine will hit 42k as well, then most of us will go with 21k. I'd be doing only 10k <- weak!!!
    Hope to see you there

  2. yay I am your supporter! I support you all the way! ;)

  3. gets ko lahat except sa "advertently"... hehe... good luck! :))

  4. @daves - thanks! mejo mahirap magkita kung 60k ung expected participants, pero let's see. hehe!
    @reden - supporter na runner din sa event! haha!
    @early - haha! wala na kase akong magamit na word e. :p thanks din!